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February 05, 2009



Make that announcement :D. g'day already has.

Eric L.

Sorry, Miguel. I know you guys mean well, but branding vssystem.org as kamiza.org was probably a mistake. I clicked on it, saw the domain name redirect, saw the same old kamiza site and close my browser.

AGAINST ALL MY BEST INTERESTS-- i'm totally interested in what you guys are doing (even though i hardly even lurk on Realms anymore), but i just can't motivate myself to pick through that site's layout to figure out what's going on.

I know there's some competing interests here, but getting the site "right" is probably the most important thing to make a positive first impression.

Other things-- the 'Join our Community' link should be duplicated somewhere else as "Register" or "Registration"-- with all the ads (unfortunate, but i know that folks have to pay the bills), it's really hard to find.

Having written all this, i decided that if i'm not part of the solution, i'm part of the problem, and i'm going to slog through and register anyway.


Hey Eric - we're accepting all feedback, so thanks for your honesty.

Sorry we're not your cup of tea. I know the design isn't for everyone. But the site seems to be pretty well received, registrations are high, and people seem to be using it. More changes are coming, so well see how it goes on week 2 and beyond...

And in my heart of hearts, I still hope to see you there at some point. ;)

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